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Issue # 702
January 11, 2016

! ? What’s Upper ? !
Happy New Year 2016 fam !
We are back!
Heading into my 31st year of promoting Hip Hop records to radio.
It all began back in 1985 with Sir Mix-A-Lot (Nastymix Records) &
is in full effect thirty one years later with a group
of independent Hip Hop artists, too many to mention here.
NASTY NEWS is back!
Every week you’ll get the very latest news about independent & underground Hip Hop artists.
I hope you enjoy the “ALL NEW” RapAttackLives.com look.
Still a work in progress which will only get better with time.
“COMING SOON” for online streaming, look for
with yours truly, DJ 3rd Degree & special guests.
“We Keepin' Indy Hip Hop Alive since 1985”

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A Nasty 80’s ‘YO! MTV RAPS’ flashback pic.

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Still reppin’ after all these years . . .

RapAttackLives.com's very own DJ 3rd Rail from Chicago's "Dedicated" radio mixshow on WNUR 89.3fm & www.wnur.org will be airing a special 5-hour all vinyl mixshow of nothing but the O.G.'s, Original Gangsta records.
DJ 3rd Rail along with host "
Tow Truck" will take you down memory lane
this Sunday-Monday (1/17-18)
from midnight-5am Mon morning CST,
on the West Coast Sun-Mon 10pm-3am PST and on the East Coast Mon 1-6am EST.
Twitter page
RapAttackLives.com will be posting an archive of the show
for anyone not able to listen in live or who wants to enjoy the show again.

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DJ's Tow Truck & 3rd Rail (WNUR-Chicago) 


My mom & dad (R.I.P.) and my sister Ann, to my mahal Llola Inocentes (143LLR76), Rolando, Stierlin, Alena & Amaleo Inocentes, Pam & Rowland Santos, Mogwai & Meow Meow, Sifu Taky Kimura, Andy & Broadie Kimura, Abe Santos, Bruce Lee (R.I.P.), Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute in Seattle, Muhammad Ali, Sheila Locke, Steve Mitchell & Veronica Weikle, Noreen Smith, GrandMaster Flash, Cameron Paul, Mr. Magic (R.I.P.), DJ Hideo (R.I.P.), Carlos DeJesus (R.I.P.), Don Yates, ShockMaster Glen Boyd, Brett "Cold Rock Records" Carlson & family, Kazzeo, DJ Addition, Pastor Butch Johnson, Pastor Joel Osteen, Dr. Stephan Fleisher, everyone at F.A.N. (Filipino American Network) & FPAC, Keth Tucker, Chris Camilon (R.I.P.), Tom Craven (R.I.P.), Eazy-E (R.I.P.), Jerome Mas (R.I.P.), Ihab Guindi, Philip Lavizzo, Gene, Glen & Gary Azumi (my Okinawa homeboys4life), Devin Israel Cabanilla, Craig & Karen Coder & Mike Conforto (my Pacific Nautilus fam4life), Jai & Daniella Adviento, Willie Higgs, Ricky Leigh Mensh (R.I.P.), DJ Creativity, Latin Prince, HITS, Ken Wilson, KUBE 93, Jammin' John, Joanne "Ate Noy Noy" Ticsay, Icy Ice, Pete Cavinta Jr., Mark Bagason, Nico & Elgie Camilon, the entire Buhay family (Raul & Boy Buhay-R.I.P.), Patrick Almonia, DJ Bella Fiasco & family, Michael Jack Kirby, Nick Gonzales (R.I.P.), Brian Samson,Y.S.L., Mix-A-Lot, Beat Junkies, Baby Bon Bon, Donnice Wilson (Duck Lit Productions), Kazarian Measures & Ruskin, Jesse Reyes, Mike Clark, B-Mello, Gordon Curvey, Georgio, Mike "Pahk Da Cah" Franco, Mii Mii & Suspens, 3rd Rail, Ay-rash & Arman, Kritta, Seattle's Zulu Nation 206, Blue Scholars, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, DJ Debonair & The entire DJ Vatican posse, Monica Busby, Gary & Gloria Ortega (ISAIAH 54:17), Snigga O & to my entire spiritual family from Turning Point church (www.TurningPointLA.org)...

Happy Birthday!
to the late DJ Rob-One (December 16-R.I.P.),
Meddafore (December 21),
Shareef Abdullah (December 22),
to Chill Will outta WCBN in Ann Arbor, MI (December 24),
to my (best!) sister Ann Regis (January 3)

PEACE, LOVE & HIP-HOP UNITY (God Bless & Isa Mahal),