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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #802 . . . January 22, 2018 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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Happy 2018!

RAP ATTACK is back!

I started this Rap College Radio Promotions biz back in 1985.
33 years later & WE’RE STILL keepin' Indy Hip Hop Alive!
Our bi-monthly
RAP ATTACK DJ CONF CALLS are now 21 years strong.
Thank you DJ's for keeping what I believe in

Hit the RapAttackLives.com VIDEO PAGE
and watch these 2018 video debuts:

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The High Children
“Promo Reel 2018"

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Arash aka Shammy Dee

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"16 on the 16th
(For The Dream)"

The HEAT is ON for 2018!

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of January 22, 2018

Welcome to 2018 everyone!
Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and the Rap Attack DJ’s.
L.A. has been at the heart of hip-hop since way back in the early 80’s. Starting with DJ crews like Uncle Jamm’s Army, which included such legends as Chris “The Glove” Taylor, Egyptian Lover and Arabian Prince, the City of Angels has produced many legends in the rap game.
The 90’s continued the trend of producing amazing artists and music.
Dilated Peoples was a crew made up of Rakaa, DJ Babu and our fire pick artist of the week, Evidence. This crew was amazing — individually, each artist could stand on their own.
Evidence is about to drop a solo album called “Weather Or Not” (
Rhymesayers). Following his initial lead-off single “Jim Dean” comes his second release, titled “10,000 Hours”.
As you all know by now, I love when the production of a Hip Hop joint has scratching in it. Well, Evidence doesn’t disappoint. He starts off this hot jam with the cutting and scratching of
Snoop Dogg saying “Evidence is at the door”. This really kicks this joint off properly, lying on top of a nice bass line and drums.
Evidence goes in on the track rapping about how he entered the rap game, saw how hard it was, then knew he had to put in that work to become a legend in the game. This joint has a smooth vibe to it, with an almost hard exterior built around it.

You have to go get this record.
Let us know if you need it, cause we are rocking it!!

Til next week . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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It's very rare these days for record labels to lace us with Gold & Platinum plaques, t-shirts, all-expenses paid airfare & hotel to conferences and so forth. So I have to give props to Mazzi Behi from Def Jam for the DJ hat I received over the holidays. This is much appreciated & shows that we (college radio) are still getting love.
I will soon be getting
The High Children gear &
we will not forget our dj's who showed
THC love.

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welcomes two NEW reporters: Brendon Reyes from Portland's community radio, KBOO,
Eliza Craig from WIUX radio (Indiana University) in Bloomington, IN.

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Happy Birthday!

to Seattle’s DJ B-Mello, celebrating on Friday, January 26,


DJ LoKash celebrating on Saturday, January 27.

(God Bless & Isa Mahal)