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Issue #717
April 25, 2016

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Remembering Prince Rogers Nelson
by DJ 3rd Degree

Prince passed away last Thursday, April 21, 2016.
The news stated he had been sick, was recuperating from hip surgery and was having problems with that. He passed away unexpectedly and alone in his Paisley Park home. I woke up Thursday morning to news of his passing on my Facebook timeline. I immediately said NO and messaged my friend Kim, Prince’s hair-stylist for the past two decades. I didn’t hear back from her but it quickly became evident that he had in fact, passed away.

As a music fan since the age of 10, and I mean a HUGE music fan, Prince meant a whole lot to me on many different levels.
First and foremost, Prince was a rebel!
He didn’t care what anyone thought of him, what he did or how he looked.
He pushed the boundaries with complete self-confidence.
That was always appealing. He did whatever he wanted! Not egotistically but with complete awareness of who he was and how he wanted to show himself to the world.

MTV was how I first heard of Prince and his music.
I saw 1999’s Little Red Corvette video and thought, this dude rocks! I was able to learn about his earlier music, Dirty Mind, Controversy, Delirious, and more!
I was an instant fan.
After the 1999 album came Purple Rain.
It was 1984, I was 14 and that album, the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, was one of the most amazing pieces of work I’d ever heard. It was deep and passionate, with pop and funk intertwined into the songs.
I played his music constantly as a DJ. So many jams to rock dance floors!

Prince influenced me as well as many other artists.
He made me believe I could do anything musically. He played over 40 instruments. Wrote everything he played. Wrote many hit songs for so many amazing artists. Stevie Nicks, Sheena Easton, Chaka Khan and Sinead O’Connor, to name a few. Made stars of Sheila E., Vanity and Apollonia. He didn’t just play Pop and R&B. He loved Jazz.
He was a complete artist. Played the meanest guitar.
Put him up against any of the greats and I bet he’d hold his own. He was Jimi Hendrix and James Brown rolled into one.
Prince’s music was the soundtrack of my teenage years.
Whenever I listen to certain songs, I am quickly taken back to those wonderful memories. As a DJ, I played his music because it was funky and made people dance. I will always play his music! As a fan, I am blessed to have seen him perform live and those shows were all absolutely amazing.

Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson for making music that will last forever. We will always remember you and your music and all the great memories you helped give us.

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Who is Phil Jackson?
He's the Hip Hop voice heard weekly on Princeton University's WPRB!

“In 1992 when I was 20, I got started in the music/
entertainment business as the assistant road manager for the iconic group
The Delfonics. While on tour in Toronto, the Delfonics had a scheduled interview at their local radio station. In the studio, I became fascinated with all the technical/behind-the-scenes inner workings of putting together a radio show. Right then I knew I wanted to be in radio. Once the tour was over I enrolled in a communications school and within a year, I earned my certification. My first radio job was a phone screener for NJ’s 101.5FM. I then worked in the Philadelphia market at CBS sports radio on 94.1FM WIP as the producer for Howard Eskin and Sonny Hill.
In 2009 I became the in studio engineer for Princeton University's sporting events at
103.3FM WPRB. While engineering a football game, the DJ was late for his air-shift and management asked if I could play some music to fill in. Being a die-hard Hip Hop fan, I started playing some rare Hip Hop instrumentals that I found in their library. Management loved it! They wanted me to become a part of the radio station on the music side, putting together a Hip Hop show. In May of 2010 "SIDE-B RADIO" debuted on 103.3FM. I wanted to play the type of Hip Hop that commercial radio stations weren't playing and to give local and national independent artists a platform for their music to be heard and promoted.

My show is going on it's 6th year. The
CBS podcast "THE OVERTIME SHOW" was created from that show to give even more of a platform to artists and newsmakers in the Philadelphia area. Both shows continue to grow with great music and interviews.”

If you have any music for possible airplay, please send me a bio
and radio edited music:

In closing: Phil Jackson's favorite soda is . . .
Where were you when 9/11 happened? "I was late for work and talking on the phone with my brother who is in the navy and I actually heard the national alert siren go off on his ship —
then the phone went dead."
  When you get married, what song do you want to be played as your first bride & groom dance?
His answer? No, not "Always & Forever" but "Planet Rock!"
Who should play you in your movie bio? “The actor that I would like to play me is
Tommy Ford from "Martin!" I just got home and "Martin" was on and well, I think I look like him . . . LOL!"

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t's going DOWN! See you there.
Friday, June 3, 2016 - Crowne Plaza Hotel San Diego 12noon-1:30pm

Panel 6: Decks, BPMs and Playlists/Focus on the DJs

Nasty Nes, CEO, RapAttackLives.com
Corey “CL” Llewellyn, Founder/Digiwaxx Media
DJ Amen, Young California DJs/Real 92.3 LA/106-KMEL, San Francisco
DJ Caesar, Co-H, WeekendWork Radio Show, Shade 45, Sirius XM
DJ Jam, 95.7 KISS-FM San Diego; Snoop Dogg’s Cadillac Music/Dash Radio
Kevin M. Netters, “Big Daddy The DJ” President, VirDiKo
Brian B-Hen, Hollywood’s Champion of New Sound
Raymond T, Slacker Radio, San D

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Nasty-Nes reunites with NWA's original member The Arabian Prince & JJ Fad!

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DJ Kazzeo (KHDC-CA)

Okay friends,
here’s a cool announcement.

So my un-official start in radio was in late 1991. However, my official start in radio, as I acknowledge it, was May of 1993.

About 9 years ago, I began the long process of converting all of my “air checks” (shows on cassette) into digital form. Roughly 2 years ago, I completed that project.

My next goal was to find a way to archive all of my radio history online, in chronological order, for people to listen to. Since I already had created a Mixcloud channel back in 2007 that served as a modern day archive for my weekly radio shows, I decided to create another one that would start from my earliest recorded broadcast up to my most current.

Obviously, this second channel is a long way from being complete. BUT I am proud to finally announce that shows from the first five years of my radio history—from 1993 to 1997—are now available online.

Included on the menu are the early years of the “Wednesday Wreck” hosted by the Verbal Tek, hundreds of in-studio freestyles from local mc’s, guest spots on KZSC with Jason D, and various other appearances on friends’ radio shows.

In addition, there are numerous interviews with artists such as Lords Of The Underground, Delinquent Habits, Tha Alkaholiks, Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Big Pun, Guru, Diamond D, Insane Poetry, Natural resource, The Whoridas, Click Tha Supah Latin and many, many more. All that in just the first 5 years!

So for those of you who always ask me about the early shows, you can now discover them for the first time or go back and relive some great times in Central Coast radio.

Now please go & subscribe so you can keep up with it all.

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(left), the actor who played Bruce Leroy and DJ Luvva J (KAOS) (right) together in Olympia, WA at the 30th Anniversary screening of the now classic 80's flick, “The Last Dragon.”

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Here is the 5 hour tribute to the Phife Dawg (R.I.P.) show that aired on Chicago's WNUR's “Dedicated” with DJ 3rd Rail.
Each song features Phife Dawg, either as a solo artist with
A Tribe Called Quest or as a guest on a song.
This is how "Dedicated" pays tribute to a Hip Hop Legend.
Please take a minute to "share" or "tag" someone who is A Tribe Called Quest fan.
This whole mix is done strictly on vinyl, no Serato, CD's or mp3’s.

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Happy "92nd" Birthday! (March 12th) to my Sifu Taky Kimura from Seattle's Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute. Not only is he my Sifu but he’s been a father figure to me for over 40 years. His friendship, guidance & generosity in sharing Bruce Lee's philosophy & martial arts has molded me into the man I am today.

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KCMU RAP ATTACK #FBF 1988: I found this on You Tube — a rare recording of two of my very first RAP ATTACK radio shows aired in 1988. The first link is about 37 min long & you can hear my MasterMix around 10min 30 sec into it. Both aired on 90.3FM KCMU, 28 years ago. I was fired from KFOX in April of 1988 as the station was sold & they made it clear to me that the new KFOX would NOT play RAP/Hip Hop anymore. KCMU, based on the UW campus, offered me a Sunday night slot around July of 1988 to keep KFOX FRESHTRACKS on the air. I accepted the offer, went from AM to FM in 3 months & renamed my show KCMU RAP ATTACK. I wanted this show to sound just as good as if you're listening to a Casey Kasem American Top 40 show or any professional sounding show you'd hear on commercial radio. I didn't want to just yell on a mic & say my name in a mix or during the show so I invested $$$ in getting Professional Custom Voice Over Drops. I also made my own Drops & the rest is Seattle Hip Hop HISTORY!
Here it is from 1988 (28 years ago) yours truly,


Happy Birthday this week to

Walt Liquor! celebrating this Wednesday, April 27


Wildman Steve!
celebrating this Thursday, April 28

PEACE, LOVE & HIP-HOP UNITY (God Bless & Isa Mahal)