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Issue #716
April 18, 2016

! ? What’s Upper ? !

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DJ Kazzeo (KHDC-CA)

Okay friends,
here’s a cool announcement.

So my un-official start in radio was in late 1991. However, my official start in radio, as I acknowledge it, was May of 1993.

About 9 years ago, I began the long process of converting all of my “air checks” (shows on cassette) into digital form. Roughly 2 years ago, I completed that project.

My next goal was to find a way to archive all of my radio history online, in chronological order, for people to listen to. Since I already had created a Mixcloud channel back in 2007 that served as a modern day archive for my weekly radio shows, I decided to create another one that would start from my earliest recorded broadcast up to my most current.

Obviously, this second channel is a long way from being complete. BUT I am proud to finally announce that shows from the first five years of my radio history—from 1993 to 1997—are now available online.

Included on the menu are the early years of the “Wednesday Wreck” hosted by the Verbal Tek, hundreds of in-studio freestyles from local mc’s, guest spots on KZSC with Jason D, and various other appearances on friends’ radio shows.

In addition, there are numerous interviews with artists such as Lords Of The Underground, Delinquent Habits, Tha Alkaholiks, Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Big Pun, Guru, Diamond D, Insane Poetry, Natural resource, The Whoridas, Click Tha Supah Latin and many, many more. All that in just the first 5 years!

So for those of you who always ask me about the early shows, you can now discover them for the first time or go back and relive some great times in Central Coast radio.

Now please go & subscribe so you can keep up with it all.

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Ice Cube & MC Ren Coachella 2016

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(l-r) Dr Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren,
Eazy-E's mom Mrs Wright and DJ Yella

inducted into the

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Who is DJ Frresh?

OG Hip Hop heads outta Portland will remember DJ Frresh & his iconic Hip Hop show on KBOO radio back in 1999 called "Da Fresh Connection" with co-hosts (R.I.P.) Tim "Superman" Warren & Philip Bethume. A few years later he took his show cross-town to KPSU with co-host DJ Dubee.
By 2009, Frresh moved back home to the Windy City, Chicago where he continues to play the freshest new Hip Hop tracks.

On another note, can you guess what DJ Frresh's favorite cartoon is? "The Flintstones!”
Fave movie? "Menace  II Society.” And when asked who will be the next
POTUS, his reply?
"Hilary Clinton!"

Hear DJ Frresh live online, weekdays from 2pm-6pm (cst) on:

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(left), the actor who played Bruce Leroy and DJ Luvva J (KAOS) (right) together in Olympia, WA at the 30th Anniversary screening of the now classic 80's flick, “The Last Dragon.”

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Here is the 5 hour tribute to the Phife Dawg (R.I.P.) show that aired on Chicago's WNUR's “Dedicated” with DJ 3rd Rail.

Each song features Phife Dawg, either as a solo artist with
A Tribe Called Quest or as a guest on a song. This is how "Dedicated" pays tribute to a Hip Hop Legend.

Please take a minute to "share" or "tag" someone who is A Tribe Called Quest fan. This whole mix is done strictly on vinyl, no Serato, CD's or mp3’s:

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Happy "92nd" Birthday! (March 12th) to my Sifu Taky Kimura from Seattle's Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute. Not only is he my Sifu but he’s been a father figure to me for over 40 years. His friendship, guidance & generosity in sharing Bruce Lee's philosophy & martial arts has molded me into the man I am today.

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KCMU RAP ATTACK #FBF 1988: I found this on You Tube — a rare recording of two of my very first RAP ATTACK radio shows aired in 1988. The first link is about 37 min long & you can hear my MasterMix around 10min 30 sec into it. Both aired on 90.3FM KCMU, 28 years ago. I was fired from KFOX in April of 1988 as the station was sold & they made it clear to me that the new KFOX would NOT play RAP/Hip Hop anymore. KCMU, based on the UW campus, offered me a Sunday night slot around July of 1988 to keep KFOX FRESHTRACKS on the air. I accepted the offer, went from AM to FM in 3 months & renamed my show KCMU RAP ATTACK. I wanted this show to sound just as good as if you're listening to a Casey Kasem American Top 40 show or any professional sounding show you'd hear on commercial radio. I didn't want to just yell on a mic & say my name in a mix or during the show so I invested $$$ in getting Professional Custom Voice Over Drops. I also made my own Drops & the rest is Seattle Hip Hop HISTORY!
Here it is from 1988 (28 years ago) yours truly,


(R.I.P.) to my dad, Vincente L. Roldan (4/22/2002)

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PEACE, LOVE & HIP-HOP UNITY (God Bless & Isa Mahal)