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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #814 . . . April 16, 2018 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

He was a hugely popular
EDM DJ, just 28 years old.
Died today, April 20, 2018.

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Arman, Jayson (The High Children), Nasty-Nes, Robbie Rob (The High Children), D-Tragic (KCSB-CA), DJ 3rd Degree (Coast2Coast Hip Hop show & The High Children), Peter (The High Children), Danny Dohrmann (The High Children) & Jamal (The High Children)

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Proud of my Bay Area homegirl and mare',
I've watched her come up from San Jose's
KSJS as a RAP ATTACK DJ reporter and now blessing the entire Yay area on 106 KMEL — that's BIG! PinayPride4Life

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OG promoter outta Fresno, Cali  Sir-T  &  The Luniz' Yukmouth  &  Numskull  reunite in 2018. Luniz latest "No Pressure" is blowing up on our latest rapattacklives.com Top 30 chart.

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I made a decision to stop smoking & stop doing drugs on April 14, 2004 — that was 14 years ago.
I can never forget that day.
Huge thanks to
Suspens who drove me to the hospital as I was having a mild heart attack. Cigarettes, smoking meth, snorting — it will all catch up to you.
I'm blessed to have survived and if you can relate, I hope you will survive too.
I hope you get my message.
Make your decision. No matter what your situation, help is available.
I’m living proof.

NOW on Instagram: @NastyNes818

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. . . to everyone from The Wing Luke Museum for letting me host the Bruce Lee exhibit on March 9th, 2018 and for the touching "Thank You" card. That evening meant so much to me. Together with the audience and my Jun Fan family, I got to honor both my hero Bruce Lee and my Sifu Taky Andrew Kimura.
I feel truly blessed.

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It's the OFFICIAL RapAttackLives.com Anthem and I encourage all you DJ's to show me love & play it on your show & mixtapes! It's by GUTTA SLIM, called “#GoLive (RAPATTACK)” anthem.
Here's the exclusive DownLoad link:

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I watched "Roxanne Roxanne" on NETFLIX — I loved it! She comes from my era of Hip Hop. I have fond memories of seeing her perform many times in NYC. I also played her records on my "KFOX Freshtracks" Hip Hop radio show in Seattle. I had no clue that she came from a very abusive childhood. There was a lot of domestic violence, which many of us can relate to.

This movie took me back! You get to see the beginning careers of
MC Shan, Marley Marl, Biz Markie, Sparky Dee, Nas & The Guardian Angels. What I found dope was that they played two west coast classic cuts from Egyptian Lover, ”My Beats Go Boom" & "Egypt Egypt”. I don't remember the west getting any east coast radio love during those years. I highly recommend watching it. Nasty-Nes

First of all I want to thank all of you for your messages which continue to provide such comfort. I love hearing all of your unique memories of the times in your life that were shared in some way with my brother.

Following are the details for Cameron’s memorial service. This will be a simple gathering to reflect upon our memories and to support one another as we experience our loss. I ask that everyone pray for comfort, love, peace and unity to be felt in abundance  as we all gather together as one to celebrate Cameron’s life.

We know you will all be there in spirit, Suzanne (Cameron's sister)

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Friday, April 20th 12:00 - 3:00
Sneider & Sullivan & O’Connell’s Funeral Home
977 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, California 94402

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of April 16, 2018

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and
Rap Attack DJ’s. We here at RapAttackLives.com take pride in bringing you the best in rap music and the Hip-Hop culture. This week’s fire pick brings you a collab of epic proportions!
This past week legendary NYC MC Kool Keith and his cohorts Dr. Octagon, DJ QBert and Dan The Automator released their brand new album titled “Moosebumps” (Bulk Recordings). Our feature single is “3030 Meets The Doc Pt. 1”, and has Dr. Octagon matching verbal blows with Deltron 3030 MC Del The Funky Homosapian. For those that aren’t up to speed, Deltron 3030 is made up of members Del, along with DJ Kid Koala plus Dan The Automater. So, Dan is the link between the two.
All of these members are North Cali legends, helping put the Bay Area on the map as the hub of amazing Hip Hop music.
This track jumps off with Del on the mic, with an awesome synth bass and very simple drums banging in the back. Then Keith jumps in, with his iconic off-beat (but always on-beat) rhyme flow. This is a funky track with DJ’s Qbert and Kid Koala laying the track with epic scratches as the track fades out.

The song is out now and, you can hear it, along with others, on “The Coast to Coast Hip Hop Mix Show featuring DJ 3rd Degree” every week on www.endangeredspeciez.com.

Go grab it if you can. If you need it, DJ’s, let us know!
We got ya!!!

Til next week . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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by DJ Addition

Here are some tips and suggestions when looking for the right kind of promoter for you.
What are the key, definable attributes that matter most?

Networking skills
One of the most impressive elements of a good radio promoter is how well they can network.
Experience is a key factor.

Check their reputation
Look around online at what other artists make of them. Search their name on social media and Google. Look for reviews on places like Linkedin. Having no reputation is often as bad as having a bad reputation.

You should hire the one that comes across from more than one source as a good, stand-up person. You don’t want to hire a promoter who lacks moral fiber.

Project updates
Do they give you analysis on feedback, actual playlists and charts, listening details, etc? If not, why not? It’s a major factor in your business. 

One of the most annoying attributes of a radio promoter is when they don’t pick up the phone. Try and call a few promoters. See how fast they respond. Do they respond at all? Are they are slow getting back to you when you are paying them? That’s a definite warning sign that you might want to look elsewhere.

A good promoter will latch on like a piranha when you give them the chance to work. If they are slowly taking the work on with the promise of payment, think how slow they will be when they have your money.

Don’t put yourself in this awkward position. Instead, look for a radio promoter that you know can be trusted.

The above points are major factors, but the last one is something
you should think of when making any new connection.
How well do you get on? Is there a rapport and a general connection?
And most important — is there trust?

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THC & JON McDaniels at Seattle's C-89.5FM

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Jarrod Phillips Highlights the Launch of
Figment Film Company by Optioning
Morgan Carey's First Horror Screenplay!

Figment Film Company announces its creation and launch with its optioning of ‘Devil’s Hollow’, the first screenplay by Morgan Carey (brother of Mariah Carey) and his wife Ilaria. ‘Devil’s Hollow’ is a gothic horror story about a couple’s shocking discovery and their struggle to survive a multi-generational web of evil, greed, betrayal, celebrity and madness.

Figment Film Company Founder and CEO, Jarrod Phillips, has long had his eye on the horror genre. “The mission of Figment Film Co is to produce compelling, quality films with great production value. After reading ‘Devil’s Hollow’, I knew it was the perfect project for us and wasted no time securing the option.”

Figment Film Co's mission directive is to
make movies which Interrupt your Sleep,
Disturb and Terrify Anyone with a Pulse!


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Nasty-Nes, Dirty Harry, The Flight Boys, Chevy Shann, Marqui, BeatDatTrakk, Huey P & Speaker Child

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BD Miguel
from KTINC Music Group & Nasty-Nes

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Behind the Scenes : Video Shoot : The High Children : "Get Money"

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by: T La Rock

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Boom! News Flash! For The Hip Hop Enthusiasts!

I Have Been A Part Of Hip Hop Since It’s Birth.
I Was Given The Title
La Rock From A B-Boy I Danced With, His Name Was Skippy. The Year 1974-1975. My Apologies, I Cannot Be Exact.
I Am Also Known As T Lyrics!
I Am A Huge Fan Of Break Beats. I Have A Huge Collection.
I’ve Traveled The World (Literally) On The Strength Of My Recordings. As Close As California As Far As Brazil! Europe! Sweden And Japan.

The Highlight Of My Life Is Happening Now.
A Full Length Motion Picture Is Being Produced
Which Will Cover My Life Story!

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T La Rock, Nasty-Nes & Greg Nice

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by Jay Quan
Love Bug Starski was right there
at the genesis of the subculture now known as Hip Hop, before it even had a name. With his Grandmother living only 4 blocks away from the Black Spade hotbed
(Click pix/text for more, Click to get back)

known as the Bronx River Projects, he made friends early with architects like Kool D.J. D and Afrika Bambaataa. Starski was one of the first to D.J. and Emcee simultaneously, and even though he got his start right there at Bronx River, he also carried equipment and records for the late great Pete DJ Jones who played for a more mature crowd. The Grandmaster Flash, who studied Jones and was impressed with Jones’ ability to preview records via the cue button on his Clubman mixer, introduced Love Bug to Jones. Along with Keith Cowboy of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, Love Bug is said to be one of the originators of the word “Hip Hop”. He rhythmically inserted it into his rhymes and used it as a segue, much in the style of Wonder Mike’s intro on the Sugar Hill Gangs’ “Rappers Delight”. It was Afrika Bambaataa who later used the words Hip Hop to describe the street artform, including Djing, B-Boying (breakdancing), Graffiti and Emceeing (rapping), but it was Keith Cowboy & Love Bug who are credited with the creation of the term.
Sylvia Robinson, who started the first notable rap music label Sugar Hill Records, attended a birthday party at Harlem World for one of her nieces and this was the first time that she heard rap music This is also where she formulated the idea to commit the music to record, as a way to get herself and her stable of record labels (Stang, All Platinum and Turbo) out of debt. It was the Love Bug Starski that she witnessed that night. Master Gee of the Sugar Hill Gang told me that before there was a Sugar Hill Gang, Rappers Delight or even Sugar Hill Records as a name, Starski was the first Emcee to record for Sylvia. He actually rapped to the track that would become “Freedom” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5.
Lovebug Starsky would eventually record for Fever Records (run by Sal Abbatiello, who owned and operated the infamous Disco Fever nightclub) as well as Tayster and Epic Records.He penned the title track for the soundtrack to the failed 80’s movie “Rappin’”. Lovebug Starski’s biggest hit and signature song is “Live At The Disco Fever” produced by the late great Larry Smith. “You’ve Gotta Believe”, which he recently remade, was a big hit as well. In addition to being an early Dj/Emcee, Starski was also one of the first to deliver an energetic stage show, using the entire stage when he performed.
Love Bug was an extremely private and guarded person, who rarely gave interviews.
Rest In Peace to one of the building blocks of the Hip Hop subculture.
(Click anywhere on text to get back)

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Men/Women Skullies
now $18:
Sale! The High Children

Women’s Beanies, Dresses and Hoodies available:
The High Children

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Hit the RapAttackLives.com VIDEO PAGE
and watch these 2018 video debuts:

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The High Children
“Promo Reel 2018"

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Arash aka Shammy Dee

The HEAT is ON for 2018!

and check these out!
(click here)

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(God Bless & Isa Mahal)