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Issue # 709
February 29, 2016

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DJ Toby “Fresh” Campbell aka DV One (left) on the job with Michael Bennett (center) and Marshawn Lynch (right) of the Seattle Seahawks. (Courtesy of Alika Jenner)

SEATTLE-BASED DJ Toby “Fresh” Campbell aka DJ DV-One says
"Goodbye as The Seattle Seahawk's Official DJ"

What do you do? For the last 10 years, I was DJ for the Seattle Seahawks. [During the] offseason, I DJ for clubs and tours worldwide.

How did you get started in that field? I started my DJ career by entering and winning DJ battles and competitions. Shortly thereafter I started doing mixshows on the radio. I even won the best mixshow award in 1996 alongside Nasty Nes Rodriguez for “Rap Attack” on KCMU! Hawks staff heard me at a Red Bull event at Qwest Field [now CenturyLink Field] and asked if I wanted to interview for a position on the squad.

What’s a typical day like? A typical game day consists of getting up early, checking to see who we’re playing (so I don’t play any opposing team anthems), showing up at the stadium before doors open, setting up equipment and talking with players/coaches to see what they feel like listening to.

What’s the best part of the job? The best part of the job is being a part of the energy that happens in the stadium on game day and contributing to the intensity.

What surprises people about what you do? How diverse the musical tastes are among players, coaches and fans. And knowing what to play and when to play it — it’s not just a random iPod shuffle.

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Featured in all six Rocky films, RAP ATTACK remembers Tony Burton (R.I.P.)

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Adrian Miller is the manager
of one of the hottest artists in music right now,
Anderson .Paak.

.Paak first came to the attention of the general public with his half-dozen appearances on Dr. Dre's 2015 album, “Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre.” He was quickly signed by Dre’s Aftermath Records and released his hit album “Malibu” this past January.

But before deals with Dre, Miller had a long history in the Hip Hop world. He got his start on the radio, spinning rap records in 1990 on Oklahoma station KBLK when he was going to college at Tulsa University. Once back in his native Los Angeles, Miller played a key role in discovering acts like Coolio, Funkdoobiest, The Pharcyde and many more. He worked for Immortal Records and then transitioned to a job at Warner Brothers, working directly under legendary A&R man (and manager-to-the-stars) Bennie Medina.

After some time off from the music biz roller coaster, Miller discovered a young .Paak (then performing under the name Breezy Lovejoy), and did everything he could to break the young artist, up to and including putting his own biggest assets at risk.

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TOKiMONSTA will be releasing her new album FOVERE on March 4, 2016
Tracklist: 1- I'm Waiting 2- Put It Down (feat. Anderson .Paak and KRNE)
3- Giving Up (feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums) 4- Starlight Lace
5- Heart on the Ground (feat. Kiya Lacey) 6- Penny (feat Gavin Turek) 7- Wound Up (feat. A l l i e)

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A NASTY-NES OG OldSkool Flashback Photo

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A NASTY-NES OG OldSkool Flashback Photo

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DJ Luvva J's (KAOS-WA) “7th Annual 25360 Awards 2016” is now history.
A huge
CONGRATS! goes out to DJ Iceman on winning again,
The Nasty-Nes Rodriguez DJ of the Year” award.

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KCMU RAP ATTACK #FBF 1988: I found this on You Tube — a rare recording of two of my very first RAP ATTACK radio shows aired in 1988. The first link is about 37 min long & you can hear my MasterMix around 10min 30 sec into it. Both aired on 90.3FM KCMU, 28 years ago. I was fired from KFOX in April of 1988 as the station was sold & they made it clear to me that the new KFOX would NOT play RAP/Hip Hop anymore. KCMU, based on the UW campus, offered me a Sunday night slot around July of 1988 to keep KFOX FRESHTRACKS on the air. I accepted the offer, went from AM to FM in 3 months & renamed my show KCMU RAP ATTACK. I wanted this show to sound just as good as if you're listening to a Casey Kasem American Top 40 show or any professional sounding show you'd hear on commercial radio. I didn't want to just yell on a mic & say my name in a mix or during the show so I invested $$$ in getting Professional Custom Voice Over Drops. I also made my own Drops & the rest is Seattle Hip Hop HISTORY!
Here it is from 1988 (28 years ago) yours truly,


H a p p y B i r t h d a y!

this week to DJ Kiz-One from Black Steel Radio celebrating
this Wednesday, March 2nd
DJ BIG Phil Jackson from WPRB in NJ celebrating
this Saturday, March 5th.

and big shout out to DJ Stage One for diggin’ deep in the crates
for this classic, imported from Japan,
Bruce Lee vinyl!

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PEACE, LOVE & HIP-HOP UNITY (God Bless & Isa Mahal)