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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #784 . . . August 28, 2017 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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Floyd Mayweather
is now 50-0
as he TKO's
Conor McGregor in round 10.

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DJ Shiftee cuts up The High Children's "U Keep Me Happy"


Kritta, The High Children, DJ 3rd Degree
& yours truly, Nasty-Nes
spent three days in the Big Apple, New York City!

We hit up
Rutgers University in NJ with Ahsan “The Golden Child” at WRSU, then TitansOfRadio.com in the BK with Scott LaRock Jr. & the legendary, DJ Red Alert.

The highlight of our trip was a guest appearance on Sway's Universe on SIRIUS' Shade 45! Sway & I reminisced about our relationship in Hip Hop, easily stretching back over 20+ years.

Kritta shared his Bay area bond with Sway, debuted his new single “Black Orchid” & dropped a super dope freestyle.

The High Children brought their MPC drum machine & killed it LIVE! with a phat freestyle.
Sway premiered their Number One College charting single, “
I Feel!

We also networked with DJ Emmo, Kelly Price & CL from DigiWaxx.

I wish we had more time to see more heads, but we'll be back!

The High Children interview/freestyle with Sway!

shares his 37 yrs in Hip Hop with Sway!


interview/freestyle with Sway!

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Kritta & Sway

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Alchemist & DJ 3rd Degree

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Red Alert, 3rd Degree & Nes

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All of US at SIRIUS!

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On the air . . .

New York, we love you & thank you for making us feel at home!

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Showtime . . .

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Nes & Emmo

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Titans of Radio

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of August 28, 2017

Back on the new music tip as we head into fall.

Got a brand new track for ya this week that is for sure going to blaze up your eardrums and have turntables burning!

When legends of Hip Hop drop new music, all hands are on deck!! This week, we have a brand new joint from the Wu family.

“People Say” features Method Man, Raekwon, MastaKilla, Inspectah Deck and honorary Wu-member Redman. It was just released without any sign that new music was coming. Believe me, hip-hop heads rejoiced!

Produced by
RZA, this new single is from a just announced upcoming album by the Wu-Tang. The album will be released on October 13, 2017 off of new label 36 Chambers ALC, owned by RZA and Mustafa Shaikh.

The new song starts off with classic samples of Chinese kung-fu movie dialogue along with a very soulful r&b sample. Then Meth starts off the lyrical flows, followed by
Rae the Chef, then Redman jumps into the fray! Inspectah Deck and MastaKilla fill out the line-up on the song. This is a smooth hip hop joint, simple and to the point, allowing the lyrics to be the highlight of the track.

This is a hot track and I encourage you to
go grab it for your playlists!

Til next week . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree


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Hip Hop celebrated it's 44th birthday on August 11
& Google showed it

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Legendary San Diego DJ from KCR radio and original member of Nasty-Nes’ Rap Attack Lives conference call panel, Mike Soul aka Michael Onz & I digging in Chicago. Vato Locos for life. We go back over 20 years and over those 2 decades I've made not only friends but people who are family to me. He did in San Diego what I and many other DJ's did in our cities. We played great Hip Hop on our radio shows.
I always look forward to connecting with him. We drove around Chicago listening to this past week’s "Dedicated" show and he gave the thumbs up approval.
Thank you my brother for being who you are.
DJ 3rd Rail (WNUR-Chicago)

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Raymond T & Nes

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D-Tragic & Sir-T

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Urban Network Panel

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Urban Network
Various Pix

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Narcotic, Andye, Nes & OSP (Syrka Records)

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The High Children

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Nes, The High Children & DJ 3rd Degree (Nes, Jayson, Tim, Jamal)

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Tiara Asia (Krayzie Bone’s daughter) & Nes

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Nes & BeatDatTrakk

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Kritta, Nasty-Nes & DJ 3rd Degree at the Peace & Kindness Festival.

Look who’s “Diggin in The Crates!” - none other than Chicago's DJ 3rd Rail from WNUR!

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Nasty Nes and 3rd Rail

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DJ’s Surge, 3rd Rail and Nasty Nes

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DJ 3rd Rail, DJ 3rd Degree and Nasty Nes

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DJ 3rd Rail and DJ 3rd Degree

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by Jessica Weber (Co-Sign)


I don’t have to tell you all this, but since Pitchfork asked — yes, College Radio matters.
I know,
CMJ didn’t publish a chart last week, the Music Marathon didn’t happen last year and CMJ’s direction has become a question mark . . . but, so what? Let’s be real: CMJ’s charts provide a great snapshot of what’s happening week to week nationwide, but it’s been a minute since they’ve been THE voice of College Radio. More importantly, the impact a station has on its community and fans doesn’t have a thing to do with whether or not a trade magazine exists. Honestly, people have been asking whether or not radio still matters since the early 2000s when I started in the music business as a College Radio Promoter.
The answer has always been the same. Yes.
As music lovers, you already know radio isn’t the only way to hear new records anymore, and it never will be again. This is OK! These days, technology allows all media to be consumed in many different ways (thankfully!), and often with so little intention. So to all my independent radio stations out there in the world, I say this makes you stronger.
Regardless of format, listening to your local radio station is not a purely utilitarian exercise so much as a conscious choice. People are tuning in because listeners know that
YOU fuel and enable music discovery.
This means you’re tied directly into an open, engaged, local and loyal audience of music consumers and fans, not to mention donors and volunteers. They are hungry to contribute and be a part of something meaningful, and support an outlet rooted in community. Work that!
That being said, and I say this with love, there’s always room to step up our game, College Radio. And to be totally clear, I’m not saying don’t report to CMJ. I’m saying do that,
and more. Stations have to find new ways to trumpet the amazing things they're doing with bands and labels to the rest of the world, beyond charts. So, continue investing in your station’s community by building with your local record stores plus the venues and publications you love to create a truly meaningful local network.
And most important — get to know your listeners. These are your people! Keep investing, grow awareness for your station in your market and become an essential mouthpiece for your market.
Don’t ever forget — you are a powerful amplifier. Your audience, your community and your format have a voice. And remember we need to continue working to find new and innovative ways to amplify our voices and provide more for our listeners, our community and the artists we believe in.
Jessica Weber Founder - co-sign

I am honored to be on the West Coast Board of Directors reppin' the upcoming Universal Hip Hop Museum about to be built in the Bronx, New York. The latest meeting at the JW Marriot hotel sponsored by Microsoft was a day full of reconnecting with friends & legends:
Lonzo (World Class Wrekin Kru), Arabian Prince (NWA) Kurtis Blow, Rocky Bucano, Captain Rapp, King Tee, Hen Gee (Ice-T), Scotty-D Spencer, Tomica Wright (Eazy-E), MellowMan Ace, Douglas Young, Medusa, Krayzie Bone, JRo (Tha Liks), Lisa Thomas, Tiffany Gaines, DJ Cli-N-Tel, Silky-D
& more!


  • UHHM Group

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  • Lonzo World Class Wrekin Crew
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  • King Tee
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  • Arabian Prince NWA

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  • Kurtis Blow

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  • Tomica Wright
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  • J-Ro

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  • Medusa

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Episode 11 of "Can You Dig It!?" podcast features Mr Supreme & DJ TopSpin in a one-on-one exclusive interview with Seattle's Godfather of Hip Hop radio,
DJ Nasty-Nes!

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The Biggest Podcast
(click pix to read, click to get back)

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During my past 36 years in the biz, I've been interviewed many times over &
I never get tired of sharing my story!
Recently, I did one of the
BEST interviews ever in "The Biggest" podcast show,
hosted by
Miguel Rockwell & Joe Hawkins!
You'll hear how I learned to DJ, who taught me and how I became an on-air radio personality. How I met Mix-A-Lot, my first encounter with Mix at the Boys club with Ed Locke (we were the only 2 Asians in the bldg), who started NASTYMIX Records and where the name NASTYMIX came from.
How I still feel so bad (yes, to this day) about getting kicked out of Seattle Prep high school — I reveal what I did & why it was so wrong — and about losing my mom to cancer when I was 18.
How I got to be on Eazy-E's "Radio," my history with Jerry Heller & The World Class Wrekin Cru, my history at 1250 KFOX in 1980 and the FreshTracks show intro
The Emerald Street Boys to Sir Mix-A-Lot.
Why I got fired at KFOX, how KCMU Rap Attack started in 1988 on the condition that Shockmaster Glen Boyd would be my co-host and the birth of KUBE 93's HotMix on Sat night with NUMBER ONE ratings.
Plus you'll hear rare recordings of me on KFOX & KCMU and two original Quick mixes I did featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot, Eazy-E & NWA and yes, allllllllllllll pre-Serato!
A solid 90 minutes with Seattle's Original MasterMixer & Crazy Pinoy . . . And MORE!

(God Bless & Isa Mahal)