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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #752 . . . January 16, 2017 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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RAP ATTACK REMEMBERS Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

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Legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka,
who thrilled fans for decades with his splash from the top rope,
died Sunday from stomach cancer. He was 73.   

WBTV LP, a new, low power, community radio station
is coming soon!

I’m pleased to have been selected as one of the programmers and look forward to a new outlet for Hip Hop in Burlington, VT.
WRUV's Melo Grant

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DJ 3
rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of January 16, 2017
We are BACK!! It is a New Year, 2017, and it is time for a new year of music reviews from your boy and rapattacklives.com!

When I dig thru music these days, it’s amazing how much great music is out there. It may be hard to find because it is not well promoted to the masses or it’s on some very obscure record labels. Thank goodness for the Rap Attack DJ crew. Working together, we can share some great music that we come across thru our networks or by crate digging. For this week’s pick, I have to shout out my man Shareef from Kentucky. He laced me down with this one
and I get to bring it to you.
Out of the archives of New York City comes
NYOIL (pronounced N-Y Oil). Formerly known as Kool Kim from the legendary crew The UMC’s, NYOIL is rocking speakers all across the globe. Their brand new joint titled “Me and the Mic” (BabyGrande Records) is for sure going to rip the wax out your ears!
This track has that boom bap flavor we all really like while the chorus is laced up with a scratched-in sample “like this” to heat it up.
NYOIL really goes in on it too, giving you some linguistically kick-butt acrobatic rhymes.
There has been such an influx of old-school rappers coming back into the arena these days, to teach the new kids what real rap is like.
I am sure you’ll like this new one here! Go COP IT!

Be safe and love one another!

Til next week . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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dropped "Friday the 13th"
cd cover reads "thirteen"
in 13 different languages!

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(itunes click pix)

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"RAP ATTACK” made its debut on PowersRadio.com
with DJ's
Nasty-Nes & 3rd Degree.
RAP ATTACK” airs every Sunday from 7pm-9pm (pst) on www.powersradio.com.

ALL our shows will be archived here on RapAttackLives.com.

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The Force behind The Rap Attack show, Sunday nights on www.powersradio.com.
Arash Haile aka Ay-Rash (the BEST engineer in the 818 who makes our show sound 110% Fresh),
Nasty-Nes aka The Original Crazy Pinoy (38 years deep on the MIC & wheels) &
DJ 3rd Degree (my spiritual brother who adds a lot of Hip Hop flavor & personality to the show)!
This is my WINNING TEAM for 2017 . . .
very blessed & thankful.

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Episode 11 of "Can You Dig It!?" podcast features
Mr Supreme &
DJ TopSpin in a one-on-one exclusive interview with
Seattle's Godfather of Hip Hop radio,
DJ Nasty-Nes!

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It’s always a GREAT feeling to know that you've still got love from your true homiez in Seattle, WA!
Pictured l-r:
Jake One, Mike Clark, Channing Smith & DJ E-Rock (kneeling)

The Biggest Podcast
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During my past 36 years in the biz, I've been interviewed many times over &
I never get tired of sharing my story!
Recently, I did one of the
BEST interviews ever in "The Biggest" podcast show,
hosted by
Miguel Rockwell & Joe Hawkins!
You'll hear how I learned to DJ, who taught me and how I became an on-air radio personality. How I met Mix-A-Lot, my first encounter with Mix at the Boys club with Ed Locke (we were the only 2 Asians in the bldg), who started NASTYMIX Records and where the name NASTYMIX came from.
How I still feel so bad (yes, to this day) about getting kicked out of Seattle Prep high school — I reveal what I did & why it was so wrong — and about losing my mom to cancer when I was 18.
How I got to be on Eazy-E's "Radio," my history with Jerry Heller & The World Class Wrekin Cru, my history at 1250 KFOX in 1980 and the FreshTracks show intro
The Emerald Street Boys to Sir Mix-A-Lot.
Why I got fired at KFOX, how KCMU Rap Attack started in 1988 on the condition that Shockmaster Glen Boyd would be my co-host and the birth of KUBE 93's HotMix on Sat night with NUMBER ONE ratings.
Plus you'll hear rare recordings of me on KFOX & KCMU and two original Quick mixes I did featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot, Eazy-E & NWA and yes, allllllllllllll pre-Serato!
A solid 90 minutes with Seattle's Original MasterMixer & Crazy Pinoy . . . And MORE!

#FBF 1988
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KCMU RAP ATTACK #FBF 1988: I found this on You Tube — a rare recording of two of my very first RAP ATTACK radio shows aired in 1988. The first link is about 37 min long & you can hear my MasterMix around 10min 30 sec into it. Both aired on 90.3FM KCMU, 28 years ago. I was fired from KFOX in April of 1988 as the station was sold & they made it clear to me that the new KFOX would NOT play RAP/Hip Hop anymore. KCMU, based on the UW campus, offered me a Sunday night slot around July of 1988 to keep KFOX FRESHTRACKS on the air. I accepted the offer, went from AM to FM in 3 months & renamed my show KCMU RAP ATTACK. I wanted this show to sound just as good as if you're listening to a Casey Kasem American Top 40 show or any professional sounding show you'd hear on commercial radio. I didn't want to just yell on a mic & say my name in a mix or during the show so I invested $$$ in getting Professional Custom Voice Over Drops. I also made my own Drops & the rest is Seattle Hip Hop HISTORY!
Here it is from 1988 (28 years ago) yours truly,
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Happy Birthday!

to DJ Kazzeo (KHDC-CA) celebrating this
Tuesday, January 17,


to Mike “Pahk Da Cahr” Franco celebrating on Friday, January 21.

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(God Bless & Isa Mahal)