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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #909 . . . March 30, 2020 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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It's NOT about being “STUCK AT HOME” but being “SAFE AT HOME.”
Roddy Rod is the first friend I know that's fighting for his life on a ventilator because of Covid-19.
Rod & I go back to his days promoting records for
Tommy Boy & Priority Records.
It's real folks. College shows are being temporarily shut down for a few weeks. I give props to the
RAP ATTACK DJ's who still air their shows by prerecording & live streaming on FB!
I will continue to stay in business, sending out the weekly RAP ATTACK
TOP 30 CHARTS & servicing new MP3's from artists who are not letting this pandemic stop them. Our DJ Conference calls will continue.
It's now a NEW age in flexing your music, DJ'ing & promoting.
Nasty Nes

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HITS Magazine Flashback 1998

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Panel from 1999

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(3/26/18 R.I.P.)

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Support your local businesses!
Nasty-Nes, at Red Ribbon, with take-out!

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We’ve lost another music icon—Kenny Rogers. Did you notice on social media that Kenny is loved by everyone—country music fans AND r&b fans with his single “Lady,” a Lionel Ritchie track, AND pop & country with “Island In The Stream” f/Dolly Parton AND Hip Hop with “Ghetto Superstar” (Old Dirty Bastard) sampling “Island In the Steam.”
I became a fan back in the 70's when
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition released “Something's Burning.” When the single “The Gambler” came out, he had the world in the palm of his hand. (R.I.P.)

From KFOX NIGHTBEAT, check out Grandmixer GMS' remix tribute of Kenny Rogers' "Lady."

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I've finally become a sticker! One more item to cross off my Bucket List.

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Is there a POSITIVE side to the Corona Virus? Yes!

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A Written Testimony

DJ 3
rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
March 30, 2020

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and the Rap Attack DJ’s.

What is good my Hip Hop friends!!? We are back once again with some flavor for your ears!!!
As we all deal with the global pandemic, stay calm, practice excellent hygiene and hug your loved ones.
Got a brand-new heater for ya this week as we get into March. It is always about dope beats and rhymes when it comes to our fire picks! This week is no different as I bring you that new-new!!
I come to you with brand new music and a debut album that has been highly anticipated. Off of Roc Nation comes Jay Electronica’s debut main label release titled “A Written Testimony.” Many touched on the production of this album, including Swizz Beatz, Hit-Boy, the Alchemist, No I.D., Young Guru and AraabMuzik. Meanwhile, Jay Z appears on every single track. Jay Z and Jay E. worked on a song back in 2010 titled “A Shiny Suit Theory.” That song has been reprised and appears on this album and it is for sure one of the highlights. Jay Electronica is an emcee who makes you pay attention to his lyrics because they are deep and religious. Jay Z on the whole album truly gives the project that extra something. All of these songs really show off the boom-bap Hip Hop styles we want with new releases.
You can cop it on all platforms selling music, as well as on
Spotify to stream. Go peep it out. It is worth your time.
As I always do, dropping you with the knowledge on that fresh Hip-Hop. Shout to the
Rap Attack DJs for sharing the love!
As I always do, dropping you with the knowledge on that fresh Hip-Hop.
Shout to the Rap Attack DJs for sharing the love!

Let us know what you need! We got ya!
Til next time . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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DJ KAZZEO Hits Me Twice!!!

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DJ Kazzeo with Bay Area's 1AM & Khan.

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There's a NEW record store in the Bay. Lookout for Sir Elegance.

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It's the "Ahsan The Golden Child" look when there's NO toilet paper at WRSU!

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What's DOPER than a “Make America Great Again” hat?
A “
Stage One” hat!

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by Grandmixer GMS

The Vocoder:
Nazi Fighter Music Maker Smartphone Ancestor
For most of us, the vocoder brings to mind a certain time and space: electronic and funk music of the late ’70s and early ‘80s. Few people realize, however, that we hear vocoders every day. The same technology that brought us early hip-hop records like the Jonzun Crew’s “Pac Jam,” is also at work in every smartphone on Earth. However, the history goes deeper: the vocoder played a major role as a cryptographic tool against the Nazis in the Second World War.
In 1928, Bell Laboratories research physicist Homer Dudley began developing a way to make it easier to transmit telephone conversations over long distances by reducing bandwidth. Dudley thought that speech is simply a continuous sound -- essentially a carrier signal -- created by the vocal cords and modulated by the mouth, throat and sinuses to form words. He figured speech could be electronically reproduced by creating modular blocks of sound that could then be arranged into intelligible language. This work developed the channel vocoder (Voice Operated reCorDER) which was used as a “voice codec” for telecommunications for coding speech to conserve bandwidth in transmission. This category of voice codec analyzes and synthesizes the human voice signal for audio data compression, multiplexing, voice encryption or voice transformation. By encrypting the control signals, voice transmission can be secured against interception. Its primary use in this fashion is for secure radio communication. The decoder portion of the vocoder, called a voder (Voice Operation DEmonstratoR), which can be used independently for speech synthesis, was first unveiled in 1939 at the New York World Fair and in 1940 in San Francisco.
This technology was quickly pounced upon by the military, and an enhanced version of it was used to scramble transatlantic conversations between
Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt during World War II. The vocoder had guarded -- and frustrated -- phone conversations of World leaders, and in the hushed realm of “Secret Telephony,” the vocoder had become a bad word, as it sounded horrible.

After the war, the encryption terminals became too difficult to maintain, so they were scrapped. However, this was not the end of the vocoder: In the late ‘40s and ‘50s, the vocoder’s robot sound began creeping into entertainment. The talking train in “Dumbo” is one example, which drove Joan Crawford insane in the film “Possessed.” German Scientist Werner Meyer-Eppler had spoken with Dudley just after the war and they discussed the vocoder. Meyer-Eppler then began investigating the possibilities of electronic music and in 1949 during a speech in Detmold, Germany, he played electrical larynx and vocoder recordings. Electronic companies like Sennheiser and Siemens created more functional vocoders, and demo tapes of the machines circulated until landing in the hands of musicians such as Florian Schneider, who would later found Kraftwerk.

In 1968, electronic pioneer Bruce Haack built his own vocoder which he used on the album, “The Electronic Record for Children.” Around the same time, Bob Moog was developing his own vocoder; it was this Moog vocoder that was heard on the “A Clockwork Orange” soundtrack by Wendy Carlos. Then, in 1974, Kraftwerk really brought the vocoder mainstream with their single and album, “Autobahn.” Afterwards, the use of the vocoder began to snowball: artists like Herbie Hancock, Phil Collins, and Michael Jackson all made use of it. Of course, one song, “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, must be noted: Planet Rock’s influence to the emerging hip hop movement cannot be quantified, as it became a sort of blueprint for early hip hop and electronic dance music.
Today, vocoders are heard everywhere on television, the internet, and of course, music: artists such as
Daft Punk and Katy Perry have used the once Nazi-fighting technology for our listening pleasure. But to bring the significance of this invention into perspective, imagine what our lives would be without our smartphones -- an unforeseen offspring of vocoder technology that has truly rocked the planet in a way that neither Afrika Bambaata nor Homer Dudley could have envisioned.

by Grandmixer GMS
"Karlheinz Brandenburg used a CD recording of Suzanne Vega's song "Tom's Diner" to assess and refine the MP3 compression algorithm. This song was chosen because of its nearly monophonic nature and wide spectral content, making it easier to hear imperfections in the compression format during playbacks. Some refer to Suzanne Vega as "The mother of MP3.”

An interesting property of this particular track is that the two channels are almost, but not completely, the same. Thus, the Binaural Masking Level Depression causes spatial unmasking of noise artifacts unless the encoder properly recognizes the situation and applies corrections similar to those detailed in the
MPEG-2 AAC psychoacoustic model. The sample of “Tom's Diner” was later used in Nikki D's “Daddy's Little Girl.”

mp3 development:

first mp3 song:

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After Flavor Flav got FIRED from Public Enemy last week, guess where we found him?
In the 805 getting his drank on with DJ
D-Tragic (KCSB)!

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Whenever Rapsody & Sa-Roc (or both) are in LA, you can bet you'll find RAP ATTACK's own DJ 3rd Degree there with his fiancee & hey, look who else is there? Fuzzy Fantabulous!
How DOPE is that?!

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The King of the Hip Hop hooks finally got a NEW head stone.
(R.I.P.) Nate Dogg


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The year — 2000.
The place — the Gavin convention in the Bay area.
The who — my homie & on-air extroardinaire, Portland's Michael Jack Kirby & Nasty-Nes were not only “2 Legit” but we were selected to visit & hang out at MC Hammer's mansion!

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If you're ever Diggin In The Crates in Portland, OR, head on out to my homie Jeff Frady's store, “Platinum Records!” Chicago's vato loco, DJ 3rd Rail (WNUR-Chicago) traveled all the way to Portland & he dug deep! ORALE' VATO!!!


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Guess who stopped over to vist DJ Nasty-Nes & spread their Jamaica LOVE into his humble abode?
Jahmark (artist from Jahmark & The Soulshakers), Targyt (feat on the “Happiness” ReMix & the NEXT STAR emcee from Flatbush, NY with NEW material dropping this week) & his Uncle Francisco!

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You're an OG in radio if you remember DJ Rodney Wells from Buffalo, NY's WBNY.
Here's Rodney &
Nes chillin' over at HITS Magazine back in 2000

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Remembering the late MC Breed pictured here with DJ Chill Will (WCBN-MI).

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Welcome to The High Children family their NEW member LGSP!

RnBLives Top Ten
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“I'm seeing a comeback or return to RnB music amongst lovers of Hip Hop. RnB was big in the 90's. Just about everyone in Hip Hop was feeling that genre of music. As a leader with over 40 years in this biz, I'm supporting the return of RnB with the debut of our first “RnBLives Top 10” chart. It’ll live right after Conference Call Picks on our Charts page.
Let us know your thoughts!

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Very nice write-up in the Jamaica Observer
Jahmark Tafari (Happiness/The Soulshakers) and yours truly Nasty-Nes!

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I always looked forward to going to work at HITS Magazine because Gary (far right in photo, with red tie & huge smile) would be in the office next to me, smiling and happy and helping me book ads for my RAP column.
Our friendship grew over the years. He became very ill and several months ago, I was fortunate to see him for one last time in a surprise visit. Even in his condition he remembered me and broke into a huge smile.
He always answered his phone with a loud and clear greeting: "THIS IS GARY!"
I love you and I will miss you.

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Alejandro Ocana Jr., otherwise known as 2Mex, suffered complications from diabetes resulting in the amputation of his right leg from the knee down. If you know 2Mex personally or through his work, you know that he has the biggest heart and puts everything he has into his music and into helping others.

2Mex has been called "the hardest working man in underground Hip-Hop" over the past 20+ years.
An extraordnarily talented artist, his family of crews include
Of Mexican Descent, Visionaries, Mindclouders, SonGodSuns, The Afterlife, The Shape Shifters, The Returners, Look Daggers, Grimm Image, together with countless friends throughout the industry.

2Mex has also been throwing concerts and has the 2Mex Hologram Podcast and the 2Mex Hologram Radio Show (
93.5 KDAY).

If 2Mex has touched your life in any way, he would be more than appreciative of any contribution made toward helping him with the numerous medical bills and costs (hospital, rehablilitation, equipment).
Blessings to you all.
on behalf of the Visionaries, family and friends of 2Mex.
Go Fund Me:

It's Official!

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is now on the
BOARD OF DIRECTORS for Seattle's DR. JOSE RIZAL PARK & BRIDGE FOUNDATION! “My goal is to unite my fellow Pinoys & Pinays and to be a positive leader thru my actions! Seattle, It's Time!," says Nes.

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Still recovering from her Superbowl Halftime performance, it's J-Lo & DJ Icy Ice!

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Mix-A-Lot Got BUCKS!$!

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Check out
The High Children's NEW video!
NASTY-NES presents Hip Hop 3.0 & “#1 Champions”.


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Coming soon — the return of “ROCK THE BEAT ONLINE”

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Listen Now!
The latest episode of “KFOX NIGHTBEAT”!

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We have a new
FREE Rainier Avenue Radio App!
Easy to use, easy to download. Available on both Apple and Android.
Search Rainier Avenue Radio to find or click links below.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advergames.rar&hl=en

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rainier-avenue-radio/id1488230010

by DJ Iceman

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1. How many artists are signed to the independent label?
2. What is the duration of the recording contracts that you offer?
3. Do the artists on your indie label retain the rights to their music?
4. What is the royalty percentage you give to the artists signed to your label?
5. What is the most singles or albums you have sold thus far?
6. What is your average recording and promo budget per release?
7. Do you have a profit sharing program in regards to merchandise sales, etc?
8. Does the Label offer tour support?
9. How many people are part of the staff of the indie label?
10. How many singles or albums do you release per quarter?
11. Do you have any beefs with anyone in the music industry?


Do You OWN your name?
Is your stage name COPYRIGHTED?

Do you have a logo"Is your logo TRADEMARKED

Do you own your likeness?

Is your music COPYRIGHTED? Do you OWN your masters?
Is your music REGISTERED?

If you have videos,who owns the rights?

Do you have YOUR OWN platform?

If not, what the *?%! are you doing???



If you do not know what Sound Exchange is, please — do your homework. They are basically a master-side collection society
for all the internet radio stations.
What if you, as an artist, send a song to an online radio station without an
ISRC code? Then the routing of the money earned on those plays is very, very unlikely to ever get back to you. Factor in publishing plus lack of knowledge about publishing and there are probably close to 100’s of Millions of dollars NOT distributed correctly.

Truly sad and disheartening,
as this is mostly for independent artists and songwriters.

Do your Research. Do your Homework.

Signs Of A Great Publicist
Echo Hattix

1. Easily Identified As Your #1 Fan
2. Answers Your Phone Calls & Texts
3. Plans Your Next Big Steps
4. Gets Upset With You When U Miss An Interview,
Event And/Or An Opportunity
5. Tells Your Story Like A Manager &
Stands Up For You Like A Lawyer
6. Celebrates Your Wins As Their Own
7. Believes In You & Let’s You Know
8. Pushes You To Do Things You Would Not Normally Do
9. Is Lowkey Your #1 Instagram Stalker
10. Seen Above)))

Rule No. 1 Trust Your Publicist

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Happy Birthday!

to Atlanta's Jay Force from WRFG,
celebrating on Monday, March 30.

(God Bless & Isa Mahal)