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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #839 . . . October 15, 2018 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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by Davey-D

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First, Kanye is asking for Larry Hoover to be free. And he says he's gonna talk to Trump about not having stop ‘n frisk in Chicago. He said it won't work and it would be bad for the people.

He’s calling for factories to be set up in Chicago vs having them in China and asking for tax breaks, so folks can get their business game on.

Kanye also said that education has to be done differently. Says folks are bored with it and that the curriculum has to change and that schools need to have mental health resources. Says many folks in the community have mental health challenges and no resources.

Kanye also said the Democrats control and use Black folks by using race and that we should all be free. He says he wants Trump and Colin Kaepernick to meet and for us to strive towards love and remove labels.

He said the 13th amendment, in terms of slavery being allowed in jail, should be removed..

He also said we need land. If we don’t have land, we believe in brands.

In the middle of this rant Kanye cursed a few times and hugged the president and said he loves him. NFL great Jim Brown who was also there said he was impressed.

I think Kanye is gonna start speaking at Trump rallies and that in close races, he will make a difference and swing voters over to the President. He may be laughed at and called coon in many circles, but in circles on the other side of town, he's gonna be a burst of fresh energy.

The fact that the president demonstrated that he's willing to listen to Kanye and maybe even grant him a few concessions will soften some of that anger folks have toward the president. Which will mean many might not come out in the numbers needed, while others may actually follow Ye.

Also I don't see the Dems making substantial investment to tap into enclaves and communities to match the energy he's bringing. These midterms are gonna be interesting and Kanye, if let loose, will be in the thick of it.

52-54% white women voters have shown they are willing to rock with the President and back his picks (remember Roy Moore?) which means unless there is massive turnout in middle America where many of those tight races are happening, Kanye promising factories and work and an end to neglect by the Democrats will have some impact.

Couple that with voter suppression tactics and yesterday's Supreme Court ruling which allows voter discrimination on indigenous folks in places like North Dakota and those races are impacted more. Add to the fact that Kanye will be given a lot of press both in Black and White circles, meaning he's gonna overshadow a lot of on-the-ground efforts. They even talked about that during the press conference, about how everyone wanted to see Kanye.

If the president was a proverbial barker, he got a new one in Kanye.
Dude is on a mission.

Don't sleep on this.

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We lost another Hip Hop soldier from Tacoma.
R.I.P.) John D McDaniel Jr.

We go way back to the
Criminal Nation days. A lot of history there. Most recently, he's shown me love at The High Children shows. I’m happy to be mentoring his son Marqui (BeatDatTrakk).

Thank you for your love and support OG.
As long as I'm around, your son's in good hands.

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of October 15, 2018

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and
the Rap Attack DJ’s.
Underground Hip Hop IS a thing! Hip Hop IS alive! I promise, you keep tabs with me, I will alert you to the hot music out each week!

This week we’re featuring an artist that’s been on the scene since he first came out with his first mix tape, almost 10 years ago.

First jumping on the scene as a teenager in 2009, our feature artist
Logic has made a huge name for himself over the years. Having released 7 mixtapes and 4 studio albums, he has provided the world with lots to listen to. This week though, we are focusing on his most recent release, the studio album titled
Young Sinatra 4) on Def Jam.

Just prior to the release of this new record, Logic released a few singles to tease us. He put out “One Day” which featured
Ryan Tedder, then “Everybody Dies” and finally, my favorite, “The Return”. “The Return” starts with this old school, 1940ish style piano and vocal sample. When the beat kicks in, whooo, this joint goes crazy. Logic goes hard on this track, not letting anyone get in his way!

The biggest song he released on this album is the soon to be legendary joint titled “
Wu-Tang Forever” which, of course, features all of the remaining living members of the greatest Hip Hop group of all times. The over 8-minute long single is exactly what you would expect from this release. It is simultaneously rough, rugged and beautiful.
All members of the Wu are on their best
and Logic holds his own.
This album is one for all the Hip Hop heads! Go get it!!

Go grab it if you can.
If you need it, DJ’s, let us know! We got ya!!!

Til next week . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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It's DJ Luvva J (KAOS-Olympia) & Charli Terminelli,
reppin' “1 World Magazine”

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Congrats! to GA's Mike Murk who just got certified for his LLC
Mike Murk Music!
Get ready for some NEW heat coming soon!

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Thursday 7:30pm (pst)

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(l-r): MD, DJ 3rd Degree, Jay (IndiePower.com), DJ Spinn & Nasty-Nes

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(l-r): Nasty-Nes, Dun Dee (DaRadioShow.com), Jay (IndiePromo.com) & DJ 3rd Degree

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(l-r): THEMOSTCRITICAL, DJ 3rd Degree, Shuga Rae, MD & Nasty-Nes


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Dr Dre, Maharaji (Sir Mix-A-Lot), DJ Yella & MC Ren

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Fat Beats record store IS BACK in Downtown LA!

We're excited to announce the opening of their new retail store at 916 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 90015.
To celebrate, they're throwing a grand-opening party featuring a few of the many artists that have contributed to Fat Beats' success all these years.

To all the Fat Beats’ customers over the years that have kept us in business, purchased from us online or supported the artists we work with at a show, Thank You! If you're not based in LA, we hope you'll visit the shop the next time you find yourself in California.
All the support from customers like you has allowed Fat Beats to thrive and reopen our doors once more —
see you soon!

RAPATTACKLIVES in the 805!-206!-818!

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The Business of Music Conference

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Some of the nation's top dj's: The Baka Boys, Debonair,
Rory McAlister, DJ Jam, DJ Chuck Dizzle & Artistic

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Eric Vidal of The Baka Boys & Nasty-Nes

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Adrian Miller & Kritta

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Chevy, Tim and Marqui

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the OG posse
Rory McAlister, Motti shulman (Def Jam),
Debonair & Nes)

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Phillipine's Hip Hop icon Andrew E. is seen here with The High Children's t-shirt & hat!

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RAP ATTACK's New York City Ken

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If you missed my Xclusive ONE HOUR Interview on E-Water Radio last week, you can hear it here:


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DJ 3
rd Degree & I were guest panelists on a recent “Beat Masters” producers’ panel held in Seattle, WA. We joined big names like araabMUZIK, Eric G, Vitamin D & Will Jordan. These producers have a lot in common under their belts — Grammy nominations and artists like 50 Cent, Nickie Minaj, Mobb Deep, Sean Price & more! It was an honor to be there amongst the greats.

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West Coast Hip Hop
Award Winner for

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They're still SWASS!

Nasty-Nes & Sir Mix-a-Lot 2018

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(L to R) Robbie Rob, Keith Tucker (www.HipHopIsGreen.com),
Nasty-Nes & DJ 3
rd Degree

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DJ 3rd Degree's FIRST visit to SEATTLE

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The Iceman

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goes One on One with DJ Nasty-Nes!
Nes talks about who really discovered
Sir Mixalot,
Filipino food
and what 'HIGH' in
The High Children means:


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Props to DJ Abel aka James Mitchell from Evergreen State College for putting together a great documentary,"The State of Hip Hop - Exploration of NW Hip Hop."

This doc features interviews with: Nasty-Nes, Wojack (emcee), DJ Shmix (DJ), King Khazm (206 Zulu), DNAK (graffiti artist) and J-Spoon (b-boy).

Watch on our vid page


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ORIGINAL KMEL Posse now at SF's Q102
(L-R): Mind Motion, Nasty-Nes, Billy Vidal, Trace Dog,
Chuy Gomez & DJ MidiMack

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Nasty-Nes with Oakland's Icon Davey-D

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Arman, Jayson (The High Children), Nasty-Nes, Robbie Rob (The High Children), Dirty Harry (Studio 110.live & The High Children), D-Tragic (KCSB-CA), DJ 3rd Degree (Coast2Coast Hip Hop show & The High Children), Peter (The High Children), Danny Dohrmann (The High Children) & Jamal (The High Children)

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by DJ Addition

Here are some tips and suggestions when looking
for the right kind of promoter for you.
What are the key, definable attributes that matter most?

(click to read more, click to get back)

Networking skills
One of the most impressive elements of a good radio promoter is how well they can network.
Experience is a key factor.

Check their reputation
Look around online at what other artists make of them. Search their name on social media and Google. Look for reviews on places like Linkedin. Having no reputation is often as bad as having a bad reputation.

You should hire the one that comes across from more than one source as a good, stand-up person. You don’t want to hire a promoter who lacks moral fiber.

Project updates
Do they give you analysis on feedback, actual playlists and charts, listening details, etc? If not, why not? It’s a major factor in your business. 

One of the most annoying attributes of a radio promoter is when they don’t pick up the phone. Try and call a few promoters. See how fast they respond. Do they respond at all? Are they are slow getting back to you when you are paying them? That’s a definite warning sign that you might want to look elsewhere.

A good promoter will latch on like a piranha when you give them the chance to work. If they are slowly taking the work on with the promise of payment, think how slow they will be when they have your money.

Don’t put yourself in this awkward position. Instead, look for a radio promoter that you know can be trusted.

The above points are major factors, but the last one is something
you should think of when making any new connection.
How well do you get on? Is there a rapport and a general connection?
And most important — is there trust?

(click anywhere to get back)

Behind the Scenes : Video Shoot : The High Children : "Get Money"

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Men/Women Skullies
now $18:
Sale! The High Children

Women’s Beanies, Dresses and Hoodies available:
The High Children

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Hit the RapAttackLives.com VIDEO PAGE
and watch these 2018 video debuts:

from Buddy McLain “Wine Up,” REALIO SPARKZWELL  “Stay In Your Lane, “The Committee “Been Ready,” The High Children “Get That Money," Kritta "Jah Rules" Arash aka Shammy Dee "Crumble,” Speaker Child “Mobbin' Since Monday, Tha Flight Boys “Wet Wet, Chevy Shann “Been About U” and Suspens Jr. “Game & iRap.”

The HEAT is ON for 2018!


Happy Birthday!

this week to
DJ Kristyles,
celebrating on Monday, October 15.

(God Bless & Isa Mahal)