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. What's Upper? . . . Nasty News . Issue #993 . November 22, 2021 . What's Upper? .

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KFOX NIGHTBEAT celebrates the Life of DJ Luvva J (KAOS-Olympia) this Sunday, November 28 from 9pm-11pm (pst) on www.RainierAvenueRadio.world.

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Pictured at the latest November’s “Independent Artist Connect” panel in Long Beach, CA (l-r): Todd Wolfe (Entertainment Lawyer), IRKO (Multi Platinum Award Winning Sound Engineer), Nasty-Nes & D-Tragic (KCSB-CA).

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I love reading books or watching TV/movies that both inspire and motivate. I wasn't able to make it to the LA premiere but got to watch this gem in the comfort of my own room tonight.
"KING RICHARD" is that movie with Academy Awards & Oscars all over it.
Will Smith? WOW!
If you're not familiar with the Venus & Serena story yet, you will be!


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Congrats to both LL Cool J & Jay-Z who are now inducted
into the “Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!”

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Missy Elliott got her star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame!”
CONGRATS! to the one who gave us “The Rain,” “Get Your Freak On” & “Work It.”

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
November 22, 2021

Thanks for continuing to support indie rap music and the Rap Attack DJ’s.
What is good my Hip Hop friends!?!
We are entering the late fall/early winter months which means holiday times with friends and family. We are also nearing the end of 2021 and will soon be entering 2022. I hope this time of the year is special for you and yours. For some of us this year has been very hard, with the loss of so many. Peace and blessings to you and yours. With that said, let’s talk about some new music!

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This week I bring you a brand-new single from dynamic producer Apollo Brown who enlists rapper Stalley for a new single called “Humble Wins” (Mello Music Group). The single is the first off their upcoming album release titled “Blacklight”. This single is so soulful, filled with beautiful strings and vocals, topped off with a nice punch of boom bap drums. If you know Apollo’s work, you know this joint is dope, and it is!
Stalley has a nice vocal sound and his lyrics are strong and powerful as he talks about how his journey has been filled with strife yet he pushes on, looking to turn his “L’s” into “W’s”. The song is vocally uplifting and musically beautiful. I really think you are going to like this and I believe the entire project will be worth copping.
We hope you continue to fight thru your own trials and tribulations.May your path be filled with love and beautiful music!

Keep it real out there my people!
Keep up the love and peace that Hip Hop was based on.
One love til next time!!

DJ 3rd Degree

Artist of the Week

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Y'all ready for artists’ Arash aka Shammy Dee, Nasty-Nes & DJ 3rd Degree collaborating a new Hip Hop/Country single?
Me Neither!!!

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One of the hardest moments in my life is when a RAP ATTACK DJ passes away. They’re not just a dj, but a friend and part of a family.

Over the past years we've lost
Ron Miner aka DJ Indiana Jones, DJ Hideo, DJ S.A., Victor Freska Zendejas aka DJ Vic Z, Rob One, Wes Allmond aka DJ Solo, Just-O, Ricky Leigh Mensh & Tom Craven.

On Friday morning, November 5th, DJ Luvva J aka Jose Gutierrez Jr. from KAOS radio in Olympia, WA passed away from complications due to Covid-19.

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Luvva J was a loyal RAP ATTACK reporter, a loyal RAP ATTACK CONF CALL DJ & a loyal friend. We’ve been very close friends for many years. He’s the one who convinced me to put my memoirs together and said he would help me.
The two of us were in the process of working on "
Time Out.”

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On Sunday, November 28th, Grandmixer GMS and I will dedicate our KFOX NIGHTBEAT show to Luvva J. The show airs at 9pm (pst) on www.RainierAvenueRadio.world.

We will play some of his tracks, excerpts from Luvva J, a dedication speech from
Charli Terminelli & the very last MasterMix he made for KFOX Nightbeat on September 5, 2021. 

Rest in Peace, Luvva J.
I LOVE YOU brother.  

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(R.I.P.) to the General aka The Mayor of Skid Row here in Los Angeles.
We got the sad news that
General Jeff passed away as it was decided to have his life support ended. Jeff had recently been hospitalized for heart issues and needed the help of life support after his condition gravely worsened.
General Jeff was a DJ affiliated with Uncle Jamms Army who first got his start as a part of Bobby Jimmy & The Critters. He wrote for Russ Parr aka Bobby Jimmy and even starred as the rapping roach in the popular parody song “Roaches” in the group’s song and video.
Jeff joined the duo of
Rodney O & Joe Cooley, appearing in songs and album covers. He signed with NASTYMIX Records in the early 90’s. Although the group kept the duo’s name in the title, Jeff played a big part in the group making it a trio. After parting from the group, Jeff remained in the industry as an assistant to DJ Quik, helping the legendary producer in the studio and more.

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After walking away from the industry, Jeff began his work as an activist for the homeless in the Los Angeles Skid Row section. Jeff attended meetings at City Hall, worked with politicians and obtained services for the homeless. Thanks to his work, many of the homeless obtained meals, products, shelter and other much needed items for their survival. Jeff also stayed on the heads of the LAPD about Black Live Matters issues, partaking in protests and meetings. Jeff also beat a case brought against him by the police. Jeff believed was the target of a department conspiracy due to his activism for the homeless and Black lives.
General Jeff also organized the first and only Skid Row Music Festival showcasing the likes of Public Enemy, Kurupt, Egyptian Lover, Brother J of X-Clan, Yo-Yo, Kid Frost, Lady of Rage and many others. The event was to bring more public awareness to homeless issues and it was held right in the middle of the Skid Row area. Thousands came out to participate. For many it was their first time seeing the camps of homeless people in person. Jeff was dubbed the “Mayor of Skid Row” by many of the homeless for his service.
General Jeff was officially taken off life support on Thursday, October 21st.

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RAP ATTACK DJ/Reporter DJ EFN from “Drink Champs” got to go one on one with Ye on his latest podcast with N.O.R.E."

KFOX NIGHTBEAT celebrating 100 SHOWS!

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Thank you!
Peace, Love & Hip Hop Unity

Kangol Kid from 80s Group UTFO Fighting Colon Cancer

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African-Americans are 20% more likely to get colorectal cancer and 40% more likely to die from it than any other group. One in 41 black men will die from colorectal cancer compared to one in 48 White men. Black women face a similar risk: one in 44 will die from Colon Cancer compared to one in 53 white women.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our diet plays a huge part in our colon health. Here are some of the symptoms:
Blood in your stool, bleeding from the rectum and/or change in the appearance of the stool
  • Change in bowel habits or blood in the toilet after having a bowel movement
  • Unexplained Fatigue or Weakness
  • Anemia
  • Unexplained or Unintentional Weight Loss
  • Persistent Cramps or Low Back Pain, cramping pain in the lower stomach
  • Feeling Bloated or a feeling of discomfort or an urge to have a bowel movement when there is no need to have one
  • Sometimes colorectal cancer presents with no symptoms at all

Of course, awareness was raised when Chadwick Boseman died at the age of 34 from Colon Cancer, and now The Kangol Kid from the legendary 80s group UTFO explains how he found out he had Stage-4 Colon Cancer after passing gas in his bedroom and seeing bloody mucus come out.

At the end of the day, a colonoscopy can save lives and many people continue to live after 5 years of a diagnosis of colon cancer when they see a doctor right away and before it has a chance to spread to other organs. Also, talk to your doctor about at-home tests like 

At 54 years old Kangol Kid just got out of surgery where he had to have part of his colon removed. He is brutally honest about the process. “I had a section removed from the results from my colonoscopy and it’s basically like connecting pipes together. That’s what I underwent in February.”

He admits he saw the tell-tale signs of bleeding when using the bathroom but as a lot of black men do, he ignored it until it got more serious and he saw bloody mucus when he passed gas.

“What really set it off was I was in the comfort of my own room my own bedroom and I passed gas. I noticed something came out. I ran to the bathroom real quick to see what was and it was bloody mucus. At that point, I told myself OK stop playing Kang and go to the hospital”

He went and was given the diagnosis after a colonoscopy. He said he was initially shocked but then realized he had to fight it, especially for his 5-year-old daughter.

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Today Audacy announced the immediate launch of 94.7 The Block, New York’s new No. 1 for throwbacks. The station will feature a wide collection of classic hip-hop hits and throwbacks, including favorites from Jay-Z, Fugees, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé, LL Cool J, The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige and more.

94.7 The Block will provide a compelling soundtrack for New York’s biggest music fans, offering songs and artists that are synonymous with New York’s iconic hip-hop culture and that still strongly resonate with listeners today across all generations,” said Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy New York
“This was an opportunity to add a quintessential New York sound to our audio portfolio that has been missing in the area, while at the same time continuing to engage with our New York country audience thru HD and digital platforms.”
94.7 The Block will launch with 25,000 throwback songs in a row, commercial-free. More programming details and local on-air talent will be announced in the coming months. 

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This December, Seattle Hip Hop artist and community organizer, Khazm “King Khazm” Kogita is traveling to Dubai, UAE as a Cultural Ambassador to the State Department and Cultural Performer at the World’s Fair (Expo 2020 Dubai) this December. Khazm is one of approximately 84 Cultural Performers from across the United States (and its territories) invited to represent their region in Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai is a six-month long global event and will be the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. 
A Seattle native, Khazm is a multifaceted artist, producer and community organizer. He has engaged in art and community service for over 25 years. Performing songs from his forthcoming album, 
Return of a MAD (Fresh Chopped Beats, February 2022) in the USA Pavilion, Khazm’s life’s work is empowering communities through a lens of Hip Hop.
“The World’s Fair is a one-of-a-kind exposition that has spotlighted innovation, culture and the best of humanity for nearly two centuries. Bringing Hip Hop to a world stage like that is an absolute honor, and my vision is to see it exemplified in its true essence, with the culture and spirit of global unity to the forefront.”
Originally scheduled for 2020, Expo 2020 was held back one year due to restrictions put in place because of the pandemic It will now welcome visitors from October 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022.  

Visit for
more information on Expo 2020 Dubai:

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If you missed my interview on "SOHOLLYWOOD THE PODCAST," you can watch it here as Ms SoHollywood goes one on one with Nasty-Nes!
Get ready to laugh, cry & reminisce as Nasty-Nes shares his personal moments from his 41 years in the biz!

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NJ got lit at WRSU as ProQuo invaded the airwaves with Ahsan “The Golden Child”

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NASTY-NES is BACK In The MixTape Mix

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It's 90 minutes of Dope-Nes, Phat-Nes, Fresh-Nes & Nasty-Nes in the "Old School 1250 KFOX MasterMix.”
Mixtapes today are not the same as in my era. In my era mixtapes were meant to break new music by various artists and to display your mixing and cutting skills.
I want to thank both
Mark Martin & Jeff Frady for a great job producing this with the surprise special artists’ drops to the awesome EQ'ing the sound quality. I've been down with these guys since day one from their days dj'ing at the iconic Spectrum nightclub!
This will take you back down memory lane.
I want to thank all of you for the love & support you've shown me since 1980.
Peep it Here & Enjoy:

& Chozen aka Yuji Okumoto keepin’ it Hip Hop!

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Even Arnold’s got some martial arts in those biceps!

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We caught one of RAP ATTACK’s favorite artist, Conway The Entertainer (left) with the Producer Extraordinaire himself, Robbie Rob who produced “Say His Name” f/Alexander O’Neal in MN!

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On the set of JJ Hudson’s new video/single “Let It Pop” with (l-r): Grandmixer GMS, JJ Hudson & Nasty-Nes!

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Jim Kelly quote: “Man you come right out of a comic book!”

I was blessed to have met Shih Kien aka Mr Han from "Enter The Drasgon." It was in the 70's at the U of WA's Hec Edmundson Pavillion. My Sifu Taky Kimura was a guest speaker at the martial arts exhibition & he took me with him.

I was around 14 years old & star struck to meet Mr. Han, who was maybe 5"3" tall and didn't speak English. He lip-synched his lines to the voice of Key Luke, best known as MASTER in the 70's tv series, "Kung-Fu."

But I got to shake his hand & I got his autograph!
One of many memorable moments I spent with my Sifu Taky. (

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Find someone who looks at you the way Bruce Lee is looking at me! Nasty-Nes


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Bruce Lee passed away on July 20, 1973.
From Bruce’s
Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute, paying their respects are
Bruce Reid, Nasty-Nes & Andy Kimura and
RAP ATTACK’s own Grandmixer GMS.

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Streaming Music, 24/7.
MONDAYS - Hip Hop from the 831 (Monterey & Santa Cruz counties).
TUESDAYS - latest underground Hip Hop mixed with some classics.
WEDNESDAYS - latest underground Hip Hop, some classics, live stream "Wednesday Wreck" show.
THURSDAYS - latest Freestyle music, some classics, live stream of my "Club Wreck" show.
FRIDAYS - latest Freestyle music mixed with some classics.
SATURDAYS - "Saturday Spotlight" featured interview from my archives & music of the said artist.
SUNDAYS - "Sunday Surprise" Open format as I dig deep in my bag of audio tricks.

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Watch the entire interview between Tony A. (LA’s legendary producer/DJ for Hi-C), Nasty-Nes & DJ 3rd Degree:


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(l-r) Jamal aka Mr E., Nasty-Nes, JJ Hudson, GrandMixer GMS, DJ 3rd Degree & Jayson aka Binary.
COMING to a COLLEGE TOUR in 2021 & on
Stay tuned . . .

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I reactivated my MIXCLOUD account and am slowly building up its content. For now you can hear my recent KFOX NIGHTBEAT shows (archived), with MORE to come!
It’s FREE!

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with Maharaji, Sir MixALot & Nasty-Nes

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(R.I.P.) To My Sifu, Role Model, Mentor & Father Figure

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(Seattle’s Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute)

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Happy Birthday!

Ahsan "The Golden Child" (WRSU-NJ),
celebrating on Monday, November 22,


to my
Mom (R.I.P) & Bruce Lee (R.I.P),
both celebrating on Saturday, November 27.

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