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. . . What’s Upper? . . . Nasty News . . . Issue #858 . . . March 18, 2019 . . . What’s Upper? . . .

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Rest In Peace Rob*One

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Frankie Smith (R.I.P.)

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Here's the latest episode of the RAPATTACKLIVES PODCST #6 
with DJ Nasty-Nes & Mr. E.

It features the Top 3 joints charting in the latest RapAttackLives TOP 30 chart plus "VIDEO PICK HIT of The WEEK" a KUNG-FU theater masterpiece with their debut from China, "The Higher Brothers".

Plus YBN, Almighty Jay, Vin Jay, Juice Wrld, R.A.P. (Rkitech & Precise), Tyler Dumont, J-E-T-S & an indepth look at the book "HIP HOP RAISED ME" by DJ Symtex! ENJOY!!!

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drops on Wednesday, March 20.

This week's "
WHO ARE YOU" will feature 60 East. He'll give you the 411 on his BIG upcoming concert, "The Pursuit of Happiness."

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DJ Nasty Nes
Stuff That I Found Today!
We Preview all the latest News, Music, Memes
and current events in Hip Hop with
Mr. E.
Trippie Red, Lil Durk, Offset, Cardi B, G Eazy, Sherwood Marty & S.O.G., YNW Melly & the 411 on DeLa Soul #TOMMYBOYCOTT


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Join me, Nasty-Nes,
along with my artist Chevy Shann & RL
from the 90's HIT group
Saturday, March 23
at Tacoma, WA's
Skyy Creative
(1120 Pacific Avenue).

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DJ 3rd Degree’s
Fire Pick of the Week
Week of March 18, 2019

I love Hip Hop! It keeps me young at heart and mind.
I think the same could be said for all the dope MC’s from the 80’s and 90’s who still blaze bars and rock stages around the world. This week’s Fire Pick comes from one of those dope groups.

Back in the mid-90’s, a group of four brothers from South Jamaica, Queens (NY), emerged with a dope vibe and a sound that made people bounce. They called themselves The Lost Boyz: MC Mr. Cheeks, Promoter/hype man the late Freaky Tah (1971-1999), Pretty Lou and DJ Spigg Nice. Their first single, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless,” dropped in 1995 and things went up from there. After Freaky Tah passed, Mr. Cheeks grew his rap career with success. Fast forward to 2019, and Mr. Cheeks continues on, this time with the help of Freaky Tah’s son, Freaky Kah. They’re joined by up-and-coming MC K Chrys on a brand new track called “Lost Boyz” (Lost Boyz Entertainment).

Opening with a melodic piano and strings loop, the track continues with some nice boom bap drums and the hook, “Everybody put your L’s up, you’re rocking with the Lost Boyz”, which gets the listener engaged from the jump off (no pun intended). The simple track allows you to really listen in to what the three MC’s are flowing. Boasting about their city, their skills and knocking out all sucker MC’s, the song has a familiar bounce, one that fans of the Lost Boyz know all so well. This one is good for the DJ mixes, the club shots and bouncing it in the rides.

Alright everyone, that’s the one for this week! Keep plugged in to what’s dope by listening to the RAPATTACKLIVES PODCAST and also The Coast-to-Coast Hip Hop Mixshow Podcast (airing on KEWR D-B www.ewaterradio.net) every Friday at 7pm Pacific!
Thank you to all of you who follow us here at RapAttackLives.com,
as we could not keep doing this without your support!

Til next time . . . Peace!!
DJ 3rd Degree

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Always reppin' the 805 &
Word On The Street radio show
KCSB, DJ D-Tragic!

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Pete Rock & CL Smooth REUNITING?!

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DJ Stage One

It's crazy when I think of De La Soul's musical and idealogical contributions to Hip Hop. They taught me that it was ok to think outside the box when it came to fashion, attitude and sound.

Tommy Boy records owes them due respect monetarily and as artists for keeping the label’s name ringing when labels were dissolving all around them in the 80's & 90's. Consumers and DJs put a lot of money into Tommy Boy's pockets thanks to top artists like De La Soul. It's a shame that they are ripping De La Soul off due to the climate of the record industry today. Streaming sales weren't created during the time their first five records were put out so numbers couldn’t be negotiated that would make both parties happy. Instead, Tommy Boy chose to make a grimy move that betrays their own grassroots as well.

I used to respect
Tom Silverman and his partner early on for believing in the growth of Hip Hop culture and where it could go but today, not so much!

DJ Stage One

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It's Phil Jackson from NJ's WPRB hangin with Smiff-N-Wessun.

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A J Records Flashback
Nasty-Nes & Kuttmaster sneaking into J Records to meet Ken Wilson & Clive Davis!

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From its origins in the block parties of the Bronx in the 1970s to its status today as a global multi-billion dollar industry, from the voice of disaffected urban America to a President-electing powerbase, from Grandmaster Flash to Jay-Z, Hip Hop is nothing less than a phenomenon. Not just the most important musical genre of the past four decades, Hip Hop has transcended its origins to impact every aspect of 21st-century culture. Today Dr Dre is at the vanguard of the music industry’s digital revolution, Kanye West is courted by the fashion industry and makes front page news, while Kendrick Lamar maintains Hip Hop’s legacy as a voice for the voiceless—for the Ferguson riots generation—in the seething socio-political commentary contained within his lyrics.

Written by DJ Semtex, host of the UK’s premier Hip Hop show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, HIP HOP RAISED ME is the definitive illustrated book on the essence, experience and energy of Hip Hop. This unique volume traces the characteristics and influence of Hip Hop, from its very beginnings to its breakthrough into the mainstream and the advent of gangsta rap in the late 80s, to the impact of contemporary artists and the global industry that is Hip Hop today. With his encyclopedic knowledge of the genre and his personal relationships with many of the most significant names in Hip Hop, DJ Semtex provides readers with the ultimate insider’s perspective.

Organized thematically, HIP HOP RAISED ME features the many extensive interviews DJ Semtex has conducted from the 1990s to today, conveying the authentic voices of a huge roster of artists including Eminem, the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Kanye West, Nas, 50 Cent, Nicky Minaj, Pharrell, Odd Future, Drake and many more.

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From NJ's WRSU's “Blue Print” radio,
AhsanThe Golden Child” & his lovely wife.

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Over 40 years ago, I remember taking the bus
to NYC's Times Square at 42
nd Street just to spend the entire afternoon watching three Bruce Lee movies for $2.25!

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MN's own
DJ StageOne is about to drop his NEW book,
“The Bridge Is Over”

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Action Bronson & DJ Stage One @ Sound Set 2012

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The GODS of RAP tour is about to hit the United States -
Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan & DeLa Soul.

Are you down with
Slammin Sam? I am . . .

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Do You OWN your name?
Is your stage name COPYRIGHTED?

Do you have a logo"
Is your logo TRADEMARKED

Do you own your likeness?

Is your music COPYRIGHTED?
Do you OWN your masters?
Is your music REGISTERED?

If you have videos,who owns the rights?

Do you have YOUR OWN platform?
If not, what the fuck are you doing???




If you do not know what Sound Exchange is, please — do your homework. They are basically a master-side collection society
for all the internet radio stations.
What if you, as an artist, send a song to an online radio station without an
ISRC code? Then the routing of the money earned on those plays is very, very unlikely to ever get back to you. Factor in publishing plus lack of knowledge about publishing and there are probably close to 100’s of Millions of dollars NOT distributed correctly.

Truly sad and disheartening,
as this is mostly for independent artists and songwriters.

Do your Research. Do your Homework.

Signs Of A Great Publicist
Echo Hattix

1. Easily Identified As Your #1 Fan

2. Answers Your Phone Calls & Texts

3. Plans Your Next Big Steps

4. Gets Upset With You When U Miss An Interview,
Event And/Or An Opportunity

5. Tells Your Story Like A Manager &
Stands Up For You Like A Lawyer

6. Celebrates Your Wins As Their Own

7. Believes In You & Let’s You Know

8. Pushes You To Do Things You Would Not Normally Do

9. Is Lowkey Your #1 Instagram Stalker

10. Seen Above)))

Rule No. 1 Trust Your Publicist


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by DJ Addition

Here are some tips and suggestions when looking
for the right kind of promoter for you.
What are the key, definable attributes that matter most?

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Networking skills
One of the most impressive elements of a good radio promoter is how well they can network.
Experience is a key factor.

Check their reputation
Look around online at what other artists make of them. Search their name on social media and Google. Look for reviews on places like Linkedin. Having no reputation is often as bad as having a bad reputation.

You should hire the one that comes across from more than one source as a good, stand-up person. You don’t want to hire a promoter who lacks moral fiber.

Project updates
Do they give you analysis on feedback, actual playlists and charts, listening details, etc? If not, why not? It’s a major factor in your business. 

One of the most annoying attributes of a radio promoter is when they don’t pick up the phone. Try and call a few promoters. See how fast they respond. Do they respond at all? Are they are slow getting back to you when you are paying them? That’s a definite warning sign that you might want to look elsewhere.

A good promoter will latch on like a piranha when you give them the chance to work. If they are slowly taking the work on with the promise of payment, think how slow they will be when they have your money.

Don’t put yourself in this awkward position. Instead, look for a radio promoter that you know can be trusted.

The above points are major factors, but the last one is something
you should think of when making any new connection.
How well do you get on? Is there a rapport and a general connection?
And most important — is there trust?

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(God Bless & Isa Mahal)